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Netmums Work From Home Award Shortlisted Winners

Helen O' Grady Shortlisted Winners

In association with  Remote Worker Awards in association with BT Business

Netmums and Remote Employment and BT Business are delighted to announce the short listed winners in The Netmums Work From Home Award. The Netmums Work From Home Award appealed to hundreds of people across the countrywho want to work from home.

Winning Ceremony
The Remote Worker Awards will culminate in a winning ceremony at the stunning
Cliveden House in Berkshire on 10th September, where the shortlisted winners will find out if they ahve won this superb prize that will change their working life!

Short Listed Winners
These entries were the best entrants who demonstrated how remote and home working solutions will benefit both their working and family life. They are now in the running to win a range of fantastic prizes and they could receive their own home based business!

Sadie Hawthorn
From Northampton, Northamptonshire
Sadie’s background in teaching GCSE English & A-Level Psychology has provided her with excellent timeSadie is in the running for the Netmums Work From Home Award management, self-motivational and interpersonal skills: an essential skills base for a remote worker!

Whilst pregnant two years ago with her miracle IVF baby she worked hard to complete her Masters Degree in Leadership for Learning whilst working full time as a teacher. This latest qualification has fuelled her passion for continued personal development as well as demonstrating her commitment and drive for success.

Sadie thrives on challenges and feels she is ready for an exciting opportunity to learn new business skills. This prestigious Remote Worker Award would give her an unrivalled starting position in the business world and assist her transition from part-time teacher to working-from-home mum.

She knows teaching is seen as the ideal career for parents, due to the shared school holidays, however she has been growing increasingly anxious that if she remains in her current career then in the not-so-distant future she will be missing out on the crucial school run when her son, Nathaniel, starts school in a couple of years time. She says that she would hate to have to sacrifice that all-important time with her son in order to pay the mortgage. If she won one of these life-changing prizes she plans to use her current part-time career status to enable her to build up her own business over the next two years whilst still paying the bills.

Sadie said: “I feel incredibly lucky to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award and am excited by the life-changing career possibilities opening up ahead of me. A massive ‘thank you’ to the team at!”.

Holly SharmaHolly is in the running for The Netmums Work from Home Award
From Cannock, Staffordshire
Holly has used her academic qualifications and life skills to help guide young disadvantaged people into education and employment. As Holly's family grew she started childminding this allowed her to have a career whilst being able to care for and bring up her three children.

Holly's 1st inspection by OFSTED was graded as 'good'. She now feels ready to share her enthusiasm for life and learning with other families. Holly's combined experience, determination and energy make her a great candidate to be short listed for such a prestigious award.
Holly said: Being short listed is somewhere between a child on Christmas Eve and a butterfly kiss."

Ayesha Siddiqui
From Hayes, Middlesex
After her marriage Ayesha moved to the UK from India (4 years ago), and had a daughter within her firstAyesha is in the running for The Netmums Work from Home Award year in the UK. When her child was 14 months old, she took up a contracting position in a large Pharma in drug Regulatory Affairs, since she had previous experience in Pharma Regulatory Affairs as well as Pharmaceutical sales and marketing back in India.

Inspite of having a wonderful learning experience in GSK, she had to resign since her daughter fell very ill (contracted amoebic dysentery during her stay in India). It was a very difficult decision to leave the job, considering she had worked very hard to secure her first Pharma job in the UK, but because of her child’s illness, she had to leave her job.

After resigning from her job, she utilised all her time to look after her child (which was very important), and at the same time, she began thinking what would be the best option to getting back to work. Looking at the economic climate, she decided it was time to try her hand at some interesting home-working ideas. She has been tinkering with the idea of buying wholesale (mainly jewellery) [direct from manufacturer] from back India and selling them right here in UK (through an online business), for a while now.

She have always been very passionate about setting up her own business, being her own boss, and managing her own work, She has always had ideas to set up her own online business, but the courage to actually throw herself in was missing.

Ayesha considers herself to be an optimist, creative and educated risk taker, most of all she feels she’s very ambitious! Given the right direction, a little mentoring and professional start-up advice, she feels confident of making things happen for her own business.

Ayesha fully believes that she is going to be successful in whatever she undertakes, but she feels, the ‘Netmums Work from home’ award will definitely fast tract things for her big time by providing her with a unique home working opportunity that will strengthen her belief in herself and propel her a step closer towards realising her passion, and helping her achieve a more fulfilled work life & more enriching family life. Being able to spend more time with her three and half year old daughter would be a real bonus.

She feels she should win this award because she is truly passionate about starting her own small business (and to see it grow). She believes that with the right direction and professional business advice in the form of this Award, she feels confident that she will succeed.

Ayesha said: "I’m excited about being short-listed for this esteemed ‘Netmums Work from Home’ award, and it would be very interesting to actually win the award, as it would provide an invaluable source of advice and mentoring for my business start-up.

I thrive in the thrill of creative effort and the joy of achievement and it would bring me great joy to be presented with a unique home-working opportunity as well as the much needed mentoring & advice and the chance to acquire knowledge, strategies and resources essential to succeed in business, from experts in the field, gained through this award. I’m sure the award function itself will be a good source of inspiration and a fine venue for networking."

Karin Joyce

From Northborough, Cambridgeshire 
Karin applied for the Netmums Work from Home Award because, as a first-time, stay-at-home Mum toKarin Joyce is in the running to win a home based business one-year-old Ella, she needed a challenge that would give her the flexibility to work around her family, allow her to stay at home and raise her daughter and bring some financial assistance to the family budget. 

Karin is hard-working and dedicated to her family and has managed to start her own blog and website to provide resources to other mothers. It's given her a creative outlet as well as professional perks, but the opportunity of running her own business is where her future goals lie.  Being able to work from home is of supreme importance to Karin as it would give her the opportunity to raise her daughter Ella and give her the best possible start in life. 
Karin's previous career was in Children's Gymnastics as a Director and Instructor. She used a lot of business skills in running the programme and whilst she learned a great deal, she always wanted to be her own boss. The challenge of running your own business is intimidating and Karin welcomes the possibility of receiving training and education to make her a brilliant Work-At-Home-Mum.  
Karen said: "I am thrilled to find out about being on the shortlist for the Netmums Work from Home Award.  It's always been a goal of mine to run my own business and with a one-year-old at home it would be the perfect fit for our family." 

Darren Carter
From Northwich, Cheshire
Darren entered himself for this award following a fairly lengthy period of unemployment. Although he expended a great deal of effort to source a new role, he has been considering self employment and work from home opportunities.

Darren has 15 years experience in the Recruitment Industry and laterly being a Director of a Group of Recruitment businesses, that was highly successful but due to financial arrangements the business had to close.

With a baby due in October 2009, Darren feels this award would validate his self belief and help justify his decision to consider such opportunities as well as provide many useful tools and open up many potential sources of assistance and professional support that would otherwise be unavailable all with the qudos of having won a national award as well as helping to promote more flexible working practises in the UK.

Esther Bauer
From Staplehurst, Kent
Esther moved to the UK from Holland, in 1996. 13 years later and married with 3 young children, EstherEsther is in the running to win a home based business found the urge to share her passion for home making and interiors. She gained a diploma in interior design from the Interior Design Institute in London and now wants to channel her creativity into providing home inspiration for others. 
In setting up Esther Bauer Home Inspiration, she hopes to offer a unique affordable interior service, tailored to individual style, aspirations and budget. As such, this new breed interior design service is ideally suited to the current recessionary climate.
Working from home and maximising the available time during school hours creates the flexibility she needs to manage her own time whilst still prioritising the needs of her family. However, she fully recognises the reality of establishing a new business, the resources needed and reputational credibility required to gain a competitive advantage in what is a very cluttered market-place.
Winning such a prestigious award at this early stage of her business' development would provide the perfect platform to successfully realise her dream.

Esther said: "Running a business whilst maintaining a hands on approach to bringing up my 3 young children can only genuinely be facilitated by working from home. It creates the flexibility I need to manage my own time.  I am absolutely thrilled to be short-listed for the Netmums Work from Home Awards and this could be just the catalyst I need to get Esther Bauer Home Inspiration up and running."

Wendy French
From Bracknell, Berkshire
Having had two careers, one as a textile designer and the other working in different office environments,Wendy is in the running to win her own home based business as an office manager, senior PA and now an admin and finance officer Wendy is ready to combine the two. By fully utilising her artistic and administrative skills she’s confident she can make a success of a new business, working from home.

Her own home business would enable her to return to a more creative environment, take control and maximise her earning potential. With a son at primary school it is important that I have flexibility in her work.

 A few months ago she started life coaching sessions and this has really focused her mind on what she wants out of life and what changes she needs to make to have the lifestyle she really  wants. Starting her own business from home is one of her priorities but it’s having the confidence and support to make that first move that’s the most difficult. Winning the Home Worker Award would be the perfect stepping stone she needs to move nearer to her goals and enjoy a more enriching life, both at work and with her family.

Wendy said: "I was over the moon when I found out I had been short-listed for the Netmums Work From Home Award and have been smiling ever since! It’s exciting to think my life could change within a matter of weeks. I’m really looking forward to the event."

Sharon Bannister
From Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Sarah Acklam
From Warwick, Warwickshire

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