Work from home as a Party Plan Agent

Remote Employment offers you a wide variety of Party Plan Jobs where you can work from home, enjoy flexible hours and earn an income working at home with a home based party plan job. Working from home as a party plan agent or with a party plan job gives you the opportunity to work around your family needs while maintaining an income with a home based business of your very own.

Work from home as a Party Planning Agent

What is Party Plan
Party plan is a method of marketing products by hosting (or attending) a social event and using the event to display and demonstrate products to those at the event. Orders are then taken during the event. Browne Wise who developed Tupperware in the 1950's invented party plan. It has been a successful way of Mums earning an income ever since.

Key Benefits
· Selling all manner of products to a market that reflects your lifestyle.
· Setting your own goals.
· Benefiting directly from with your efforts.
· Working the hours that suit you and at the times that fit in with your lifestyle.
· Earning extra income for yourself without disruption to your family.
· Benefiting from high commissions and bonus rates.
· Setting up your own business with the support from established brand.
· Accessing training and coaching in all aspects of the business and the products.
· Wide choice of business and the products.

How To Become An Agent
It is easy to become a party plan agent. All you need to do is decide which party plan company you want to work from. Contact them or apply for their job on our site. You will have to order a Starter Kit.

The value of the kit in retail value is normally well over double the cost to you. Once you have been accepted you will then receive your sample kit along with catalogues, order forms, other agent details, depending on which company you choose to work for and your pricing structure.

Being an agent means arranging parties yourself or looking for others to host them for you. Party guests are your most likely source of new recruits and others can easily be contacted through advertisements in shop windows and local advertising freesheets.

Whether you want to become an agent for an established business or you intend to market your own goods through party plan, try to gain experience first by hosting a few parties yourself or by enrolling as an agent with one of the major party plan firms advertising in most business opportunity magazines.

Alternatively, become a regular guest at other people's parties, noting what goes on, what literature and display equipment is used, how goods are demonstrated, and how orders are taken and processed.

Earning Opportunities
Most party planning companies offer generous commission rates for all their party plan agents. Most offer regular income opportunities where your party plan customers can order regularly through you as their local party plan agent.

What Next?
It is easy to become a party plan agent. All you need to do is browse the different party planning companies on our site. Apply for their job and they will contact you to help you set up your home based party planning business.

Start a Party Plan Business
Most people's first experience of party plan is an invitation to a relative's home to view kitchenware or cosmetics, jewellery or giftware, or to sample the latest rejects and returns from some local fashion designer. Whatever the products or service, the main objective is to create a pleasant, welcoming environment, one where guests are inspired to enter into the spirit of things - and BUY!

There is lots of money to be made in a party planning business, especially if you put time and energy into building a customer base and maintain a constant marketing plan to ensure you get awareness in your area for your party plan products.

What You Will Need
No experience or qualifications are needed to be an agent or host, although it helps to have an interest in the things you are promoting and to genuinely enjoy selling to a live audience. What you do need, more than anything else, are products with universal appeal, like current party plan favourites books, designer clothing, costume jewellery, perfume and cosmetics.

What You Can Earn
Average earnings are inappropriate to this business where agents can receive anything from a few pounds pin money to hundreds of pounds at each and every event. Most importantly, the agent can increase his profits in many ways, and might even consider starting his own party plan business and recruiting others to work with them as agents and hosts. It really is up to you!

Remember to ask how much training and ongoing support the company will offer.
Advertise Your Party Plan Business
Remote Employment offers a wide variety of Party Plan companies, which can be viewed by hovering your mouse over the Party Plan Opportunities. If you would like to advertise a Party Plan business, please get in touch by calling Remote Employment on 0844 800 8355.

Read about one successful client:

Glenda from Phoenix Cards
"I cannot believe how quickly I have already had a great response - that's amazing! I am so pleased to see how quickly your site has worked for me. I must say that the response to my advert with Remote Employment has been phenomenal!

So far it has been viewed 100s of times, I have had so many applications and it has only been on the site for a fortnight.

You have worked really hard at getting your site as good as it is and to the top of the rankings, this has got to be proof that it really works. I will take some more time this week to read through your suggestions for optimising my use of the site. Thank you again!"

Have a good time with your party plan business!

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